The Mental Health and Emotional Well-being of our pupils is paramount to us at Vinehall. Our Mental Health Awareness week began last Tuesday when we welcomed Janey Downshire from Teenagers Translated to talk to parents of pupils in Years 7 and 8.  Janey is a qualified counsellor who, along with her colleague Naella Grew, specialises in teenage development and emotional literacy.  Janey outlined the battle that we can face raising teens and gave us a fantastic insight into why these years can be so difficult and how our children’s emotional well-being can be improved if we consider what’s happening in their brains.

There is mounting evidence of the negative long-term impact technology may have on children, both younger and older; the world of social media and gaming is ever changing. Fortunately Mr Follett  (our Headmaster and an Ambassador for CEOP) came to the rescue on Wednesday morning with his CEOP presentation where he talked us parents through the risks children are taking and ways we can protect them online.

Our Year 7 pupils took a trip to the fabulous Sutton Life Skills Centre on Thursday.  The trip included a tour of the centre’s life zones (house, transport, street) and their 360 degree virtual reality room.   These sessions help to develop the skills the children need in order to face an increasing range of risks and tricky social situations as they continue development into their teenage years.  Above all, this trip focussed on the peer pressures that our children will face as they move into the teenage years and this will have a great effect on their well-being.  The day gave the children much to think about and the security of knowing that there is always someone to talk to if they are worried or in trouble.