On Friday 14th October 2016 members of the Senior drama group were delighted to welcome Mrs Linda Hopkins, Head of Drama at Battle Abbey, to conduct an hour’s workshop on ‘working together’.  Participants practiced moving around the stage effectively, being aware of other members of the group; watched and reacted to imaginary stimuli, such as an exciting tennis match, air display or scary film; re-enacted travelling on a big dipper; and imagined shopping in a crowded department store.  With her infectious enthusiasm and skill, Mrs Hopkins stressed that ‘less can be more’!

On Thursday 13th October 2016 Year 8 pupils were privileged to attend the Sevenoaks School Theatre Company’s production of Mnemonic by Complicite. This wonderfully creative and polished piece of physical theatre told two overlapping stories: that of a 5000 year old iceman and theories about his life and death; overlapping with a London man’s search for his partner who is in turn scouring Europe for her lost father. With its focus on common humanity, memory and history, it seemed particularly pertinent and (most of) the pupils and staff lucky enough to attend were staggered by its technical and dramatic skill.

These ensemble activities were particularly helpful as we rehearse for the forthcoming production of Treasure Island on 14th December 2016 and both opportunities provided useful experience for our drama scholars as they prepare for their various assessments.