On Wednesday we welcomed the Onatti Theatre group to perform the play ‘Parlez-vous Français’.  The theatre came alive with this engaging and interactive performance.  Never have we heard so much laughter in the theatre here at Vinehall (including our staff).  It was pitched beautifully for all levels and the actors were very impressed with our pupils’ French when they often had to help the cheeky school boy Ben with his French in a French hospital following a ski accident on Mont blanc.

The vocabulary was perfect for Year 6 who are currently studying the body and illnesses, but we were pleased to see the Year 8s understanding most of the spoken French which is fantastic preparation for their orals next week.  Even the lower year groups gained a lot from the vocabulary.

We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and buzz the play has generated. Mme Osborne has had requests from some pupils to perform and write their own French plays!  Also, our very own Mr Follett has inspired the actors with his own story of when he ran a ski trip early on in his teaching career and is now looking forward to the royalties and screenwriters’ credits.

The event was yet another example of how languages can come alive and a wonderful way of enriching our pupils’ language experience here at Vinehall.  We look forward to welcoming Onatti back next year with another play.