At the beginning of this year the Maths and French departments successfully bid to the department for education to form a partnership with local primary schools with the aim of boosting engagement and attainment in the 2 subjects. This term staff from several local schools have been meeting on a regular basis sharing ideas and resources which climaxed in a pupil challenge day of Monday this week.

Over 80 year 5 pupils attended the school on Monday taking part in a range of French, Spanish and Maths activities all geared around ‘les vacances’. From playing boule, changing money and shopping, to baking, camping and planning pan European train journeys the pupils immersed themselves for the whole day.

This event was made all the more interesting as not only were pupils from vinehall and the visiting schools all mixed into different groups there were teachers from the partnership schools working in collaboration with use to plan and run the activities to produce a fantastic event.

Special praise goes to Ollie O’Regan who was  part of the team that showed the most effort and teamwork throughout the day.

Similar events will be occurring throughout the course of next academic year and we look forward to involving more pupils from Vinehall and the surrounding area.