On Thursday morning the members of Year 8 led a ‘blind’ hustings for the general election. The plan meant that rather than presenting the policies of each named party in turn, the school were introduced to the key policies by members of 8S and then given a party number to remember.  The aim was to avoid the pupils voting based on colour or party personality. On leaving assembly, the pupils were each given a polling card which they exchanged for a voting slip on arrival at the Board Room, which had been converted into a replica polling station for the day, complete with voting booths and a ballot box. The votes were counted by Year 8 during a maths lesson and results were announced in the afternoon by the Returning Officer and Head Boy Sam Gilliland. At this point the actual parties were named along with the rank order of results. Much to everyone’s surprise, the Liberal Democratic party were announced as the victors with a narrow majority, which some pupils later admitted was because they thought the Lib Dem manifesto announced by Aaron was actually for the Conservatives!