Monthly Archives: March 2014

Poetry and Music Evening

A packed theatre of parents, pupils and staff enjoyed the annual Poetry & Music evening on 26.3.14.  A delightful programme of musicians, singers and speakers and a huge array of talent on show.

Hastings Festival Brass Day

After some wonderful playing at the Brass Evening in school on 13.3.14, many of Vinehall’s talented instrumentalists performed brilliantly at the Hastings Music Festival on 18.3.14, winning both the junior and senior trophies, much to the delight of their Brass...

Robin Hood

  Evil Prince John has set a trap for our eponymous hero and intends to capture him at an Archery Contest; how will Robin escape his evil clutches especially as, despite his legendary reputation, he is a terrible shot?  With...

World Maths Day

  The Prep School was a very colourful place on 11.3.14, with all year groups dressed in a different colour and each donating non-uniform contributions towards the Rwanda Education Fund.  Pupils formed human pie charts and bar graphs in the...

Yevgeny Sudbin

  Hailed as potentially one of the greatest pianists of the 21st century, internationally renowned musician, Yevgeny Sudbin, delighted audiences with his recital of pieces from Scarlatti, Shostakovich, Rachmaninov, Chopin and Mozart in the school theatre on 8.3.14.

Future Schools

  Twenty-one senior schools visited Vinehall on 4.3.14 to meet with prospective parents and pupils.  The Sports Hall was buzzing with interest and excitement as visitors toured the different stands and chatted to staff from the various prestigious establishments represented.