Reception Open Morning 26th April 2019

Life is full of challenges. We know this as adults, of course, but even the very youngest children have obstacles to overcome. We begin to learn the skills and strategies that enable us to prevail – courage and resilience as soon as we are able to crawl and explore the world around us.

At Vinehall, we understand the importance of allowing children to get things wrong; mistakes are an integral part of the learning process. Children need to fall over so that they learn to pick themselves up again. This is as true inside the classroom – metaphorically at least – as it is outside the classroom.

All children come into the world naturally curious, eager to play, impatient to explore and hungry to learn. We harness this natural curiosity by encouraging children to ask questions. We want our pupils, even the very youngest, to think and reason for themselves; so our teachers are as likely to question answers as they are to answer questions.

Small class sizes mean that learning can be tailored to the interests of the children in each class. The day may begin with the children learning about castles but the chance find of a bird’s nest might that mean they end the day learning about the life cycles of different animals.

Incredible facilities and specialist teachers mean that the children at Vinehall have the opportunity to explore and develop a broad range of interests. The children have weekly swimming, dance and gymnastics lessons as well as drama, French and music lessons with subject specialists.

Above all, we want our children to love learning, to experience the deep satisfaction that comes from making sense of the world around them and to enjoy the tension and triumph of discovery.

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