Basic Termly Fees for 2016/2017 Academic Year


Per morning Session £33.82 (without Early Years Funding)
Per afternoon session £18.75 (without Early Years Funding)
Per full day session £52.53 (without Early Years Funding)
Per full day session £29.72 (with Early Years Funding)
Reception, Years 1 & 2 £3,045


Day Pupil
Years 3 – 5 £5,509
Years 6 – 8 £5,679
Years 3 – 5 Full boarding £7,229
Weekly boarding £6,678
Years 6 – 8 Full boarding £7,406
Weekly boarding £6,811
Temporary Boarder (Years 3 – 8) £  42 per night

Further Information

Sibling Discount

At any time that there are three or more children from one family in the school, there will be a reduction of 20% of basic fees for the third eldest and any subsequent children.

Notice of withdrawal A term’s notice is required in writing before the removal of a child from the school. In the absence of such notice, the following terms fees will be payable in addition to those of the current term.

Grants for 3 & 4 Year Olds (EYEE)

Vinehall currently participates in the Early Years Free Entitlement Scheme, which provides a Nursery Education Grant. If you require further details please contact the Financial Manager.

Registration and Refundable Deposits

Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of £50 is payable on application for a child to enter Vinehall School.

Refundable Deposit

A deposit is payable one year before entry to Vinehall, or upon registration for later entries. The deposit is held by the school as security and will be refunded with the final invoice, after the child has left, minus the last term’s disbursements and provided all financial commitments to the school have been met, and due notice (one full term) given, where appropriate. Currently the deposits are:
Boarders whose parents are resident in the UK: £500
Boarders whose parents are not resident in the UK: £1,500
Day pupils in Reception – Year 8  £500
Pupils joining Nursery or Kindergarten £250 (an additional £250 is payable when they move into Reception)

The admission of a boy or girl is conditional on acceptance of the terms of the Parents Contract and of the rules published by the school from time to time. While every effort is made to inform parents about serious breaches of school rules, it must also be accepted that the Headmaster has complete discretion in the imposition of sanctions, including suspension or expulsion.


Fees are reviewed annually and are payable on or before the first day of each term. Late payment will result in a charge of 2.5% per month. Fees may be paid by monthly instalment by arrangement with an external provider. For details contact the Financial Manager.

Fees include tuition, text and exercise books and paper, materials for art, DT, science and carpentry. Day fees include lunch and break, but where a child stays late for activities, there is a charge for supper. Boarding fees are inclusive of all meals, local weekend trips and normal laundry.


The following are in addition to the basic fee:
• Reference books
• Visits and trips
• Disbursements for after school activities or sports coaching as required by parents. The cost of these activities is notified to parents at the beginning of each term.
• Music lessons and Learning Support tuition.
• Music supplies, maths revision books, calculators, exam fees and Shield (Year 8 only).
• The morning and afternoon minibus runs.

Extras are charged in arrears, with the exception of the school minibus and school trips which are charged in advance.
Notice of one term must be given to discontinue an extra. The School reserves the right to charge in lieu of such notice.


Personal Accident cover is provided by the school at no additional cost.
Optional insurance cover is available for the following categories:

Fees Refund Scheme
Personal Effects
BUPA Medical

Details are available from the Bursar.